DVB-T transmitter 10W (CW)

Get your own UHF transmitter.
The transmitter is designed for communities and small towns where mayors and mayors can easily
to notify citizens of intentions and announcements and other information simply by using
of this transmitter. On the citizen side, it is enough to tune the antenna to the broadcast signal.
The price is very competitive and the assembly takes only a short while.

Characteristic data 10W  (CW) without modulátor HDMI
Frequency 470...860 MHz
Nominal supply voltage 28V 48V
I max. 0,8A 0,7A
Impedance 50 Ω or 75 Ω
Type U10-57HDMI U10-57
Connectors N and F
Dimension of case (mm) 28x24x12cm 28x24x12cm
Price: 1 480 € 1 190 €

Transmitter DVB-T 10W

Power amplifier UHF

High performance allows it to be used in a large cable network or a small transmitter DVB-T signals. It incorporates measure the operating temperature and the monitor transmit power.

Characteristic data CH 21...69
Gain 20 dB 40 dB
Output power

10W  (CW)

10W  (CW)
Power 28V / 0,6A 28V / 0,8A 
Price 259,00€ 299,00€

Power amplifier 10W - 40 dB


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          Jan Jenca   2009