Frequency converters UHF /UHF for DVB-T

Sometimes is necessary received TV channel signal change to up or down on the scale of UHF band. The solution is DVB-T converter UHF / UHF. "Noiseless" oscillator (without PLL) warrants conversion signal without degradation of BER and MER. Conversion to VHF band can be done also.

Characteristic data      DVB-T converter fix   Converter with gain control
Gain 5...10dB 0...18 dB
Input frequency 174...230 MHz or 470...862MHz *
Output frequency 47...350 MHz *  or UHF* (UHF in / UHF out = possible too)
Input signal min....max 40...85 dBµ
Frequency stability (-10...45°C) ± 5 ppm typ.
Phase noise @ 10 kHz - 122 dBc/Hz !!!
Spurious signals - 50 dB typ.  
DC power 12 V / 120 mA 5V / 120 mA
Type DK-1 DK-2
Connectors F or IEC (TV standard)
Dimension of case (mm) 70 x 60 x 22 70 x 60 x 20
Price: 67,50 € 89,90 €

DVB-T converter fix


*   it necessary channels in and out specify.

Channels on the input and output you can define yourself.

When ordering, you must to determine DC power of converter:
1. through output F connector Type: FC-1
2. DC connector 5.5 / 2.1 mm Type: FC-1K


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