Power adapter and bias-tees

Serve to power the antenna amplifier and preamplifier through coax. cable. They can also be used as a trap for DC (Block DC - Pass RF).  Precise design is suitable for frequencies up to 2,5 GHz.

Characteristic data Bias-tees precise 2,5GHz Bias-tees 800 MHz - standard
Frequency range 20...2500 MHz 20...800 MHz
Insertion loss 0,5 dB 0,5 dB
I max.0,6A0,6A
Impedance 75 Ω75 Ω
ConnectorsFF or IEC (TV standard)
Dimension of case (mm)25 x 25 x 2025 x 25 x 20
Price 16,80 14,50

bias-tees for tv Bias-tees schematics
Bias-tees precise 2,5GHz  

Power adapters stabilized

Power adapters are used to supply aerial amplifiers and preamplifiers through coaxial cable. Used bias tees 800MHz.

Characteristic data 12V stab.

12 V stab.

Max. current1000 mA300mA100 mA
Connectors on bias-teesF or IEC
TypeZS 1000ZS 300ZS 100
Price 15,90 17,90 15,50

Power adapter stabilized 12V / 1A Power adapter stabilized  12V / 0,1A

          Jan Jenca   2009